Greenfield in London

It was a pleasure for Miss Cook, Miss Tang, Mrs Taylor and I to be able to take our Year 6 pupils to a performance of ‘The Lion King’ at the Lyceum Theatre in London’s West End on Wednesday but a huge shock to find out during the interval that there had been terrorist incident at the Houses of Parliament. As we had been enjoying the amazing sights and sounds of this wonderful musical, awful events had unfolded just over a mile away. Our children were brilliantly well-behaved, thoroughly enjoyed the show and remained totally and blissfully unaware of the incident. Meanwhile, back at Greenfield, Mrs Remmers and Mrs Tanya Evans, one of our Community Governors, ensured that our Year 6 parents were contacted to explain the situation and reassure them that their children were safe. I was pleased to be accompanied by such an experienced, calm and professional team of staff and together we made sure that our Year 6 children were kept in a bubble of happiness and innocence to the end of the show and throughout the return journey. I was able to use our Parentmail texting and email system to ensure that our families knew exactly what was going on and when to expect our return. Indeed, when we eventually arrived back at Greenfield Gardens at 9.30 pm, we were able to tell the parents that their children still had no idea of what had happened at the Palace of Westminster. The response of our Year 6 parents is summed in a kind message in a card from one of our families: ‘Thank you for taking our son and his friends to London today, for looking after them and for keeping us so well informed about their safety. I think it is all too easy to take for granted that we entrust them into your care every day – we really are grateful for the care you provide.’