Great Gurdwaras!

On Wednesday 21 June, Year 6 visited the Gurdwara in Handsworth, Birmingham. We were greeted by a Sikh faith guide, who talked to us about the building and explained the different features of the temple. The outside of the building looked beautiful and the atmosphere was calm and very relaxing inside. It was a fascinating experience for us to visit a Sikh temple and we learned lots of interesting facts about the building of the Gurdwara and the Sikh faith. We were offered a meal, a tasty curry and chapatti, as part of the Sikh way of welcoming others to their temple. Year 6 were all respectful and followed the Sikh rules inside the Gurdwara, such as removing our shoes and covering our heads. Everyone thought it was a great experience and appreciated the generosity and warmth of the Sikhs, who helped us learn more about the religion. All of Year 6 enjoyed the trip and would recommend it to anyone, who has the chance to go.

Reporter: Kyle Green