Good Sports

We are delighted and fortunate to have been able to enjoy such superb summer weather for today’s Sports’ Day. It was wonderful to see our parents and families turning out in such great numbers for both events. Our Early Years and Key Stage 1 children enjoyed the perfect summer’s morning and it certainly warmed up significantly in the afternoon. Some of you were well prepared for a sporting picnic complete with blankets, chairs and drinks, but many of you also made the most of the chance to have a tea, coffee and ice-cream, courtesy of our wonderful Friends of Greenfield.

We were all really pleased to be able to use the facilities at Old Swinford Hospital School. The track on the top field provided the perfect venue in such an idyllic setting. We would like to thank Mr Paul Kilbride, Headteacher, for the invitation.

I am sure you will agree that our children excelled themselves in the true spirit of healthy competition. Congratulations to our Year 6 pupils, who worked together so efficiently to run the individual events, organise the equipment and tally the scores.