Going For A Song!

We are delighted to have won the Primary School Choir Competition run by Higgs & Sons Solicitors! Our amazing choir performed two pieces, a first song showcasing the children’s vocal range and ability and a second as an entertainment piece. The children sang their first number ‘Rise and Shine’ with great dynamics and perfect harmonies. The second song, ‘Raise My Voice’, not only featured Emily Edwards, Freya Westwood, Scarlett Millington and Erin Holloway as soloists, but was also brought to life with specially choreographed dance moves. Our choir looked so professional in their black T-shirts emblazoned with ‘GREENFIELD’ in gold letters that they wouldn’t have looked out of place on ‘Britain’s Got Talent’! We were presented with a special trophy, medals and certificates for the children plus a cash prize of £400, which we are going to spend on musical instruments. Huge thanks to Miss Hill for preparing the children so well and to Ali Pritchard for the excellent choreography.