Full House

We use our Houses at Greenfield to support and encourage excellent behaviour as well as developing the children’s responsibility and independence. It is a successful system and is very popular with our children. We have four houses, each with its own house colour; Stevens (blue), Lyttleton (yellow), Webb (red) and Foley (green). Each House met last week to elect their new Captains and Vice Captains. Year 6 pupils in each House may choose to stand for election and have to give an election speech outlining their vision and plans for the coming school year. This year’s successful candidates are:


House Captains: Edward Sawyer & Erin Holloway

Vice Captains: Ethan Bird & Edie Morley


House Captains: Myles Dhaliway & Scarlett Millington

Vice Captains: Kai Lumsden & Edie Male 


House Captains: Tom Hinds & Kate Miles

Vice Captains: Seb Gaskin & Annabelle Findley


House Captains: George Smith & Charlotte Yates

Vice Captains: Rufus Wear & Katie Cunningham

We would also like to congratulate our new Head Boy Miles Cutler, Head Girl Freya Westwood, Deputy Head Boy Torsten Penney-Phillips and Deputy Head Girl Evie Kendrick. Well done! We look forward to seeing you make a big contribution to life and learning and Greenfield throughout your time in Year 6.