Friends of Greenfield Gardens

It’s exciting to see how a small but energetic group of neighbours and friends has leapt into action to start bringing Greenfield Gardens back to its former glory for the whole community. There was a good turnout of 18 adults and 6 children for the community litter pick on Sunday 20 November. 2 full bin bags of rubbish were collected and some of the adults collected used syringes, (10 were found), other drug taking paraphernalia and broken glass. These were disposed of in a sharps box provided by our school and subsequently collected by the Council. Many thanks to everyone, who came together, and especially to Mr Butler for going above the call of duty on a Sunday morning. The next litter pick is on Saturday 3 December at 10.00 am, followed by chat and refreshments at The Longlands.

The ‘Friends of Greenfield Gardens’ have been working hard and achieving some more great results this week. On Wednesday our PCSO’s, Dib and Clare, installed 3 West Midlands Police Anti-Social Behaviour signs, one each on the railings off Greenfield Avenue and Heath Street and one on the lamp post near to the play area. Additionally, DMBC has been contacted to try to get the Alcohol Free Zone sign re-fitted to the post in the middle of the park. If you would like to get involved in making Greenfield Gardens a cleaner, safer place for everyone in our community, keep your eyes open for the Friends of Greenfield Gardens stall at our Christmas Fayre. For further information and regular updates, please contact Daniel Noble at