Champion Spellers!

Our work on phonics, reading and spelling is really paying off. A team of our Year 5 pupils took part in the Spelling Bee competition at Ridgewood High School this week and we are pleased to have come first. Our team scored a grand total of 179 points, which is the highest in all the heats. Congratulations to Aleeza Imaan, Myles Dhaliwal, Aaliyah Emery and Erin Holloway for representing Greenfield and doing so brilliantly.

There were seven rounds in the competition, including anagrams, meaning links, missing letters and even a teachers’ round! If one team got an answer wrong, another team had the chance to steal the opportunity to answer correctly and our Greenfield Team were good at this. Aaliyah and Aleeza commented: “It was really exciting and great to be working as a team. Although we are competitive individually, we worked very well together and helped each other to spell words like ‘rhinoceros’, ‘lieutenant’, ‘comprehend’, ‘ruthlessness’, ‘environment’, ‘existence’, ‘abbreviation, ‘autograph’ and ‘companion’. We are now through to the finals and hope to do really well again.”