All Grown Up

It has been great to see how well our Early Years and Key Stage 1 children have settled into their new routines during the first half term. We are keen for the children to continue to develop their independence and personal organisational skills. To help our Year 1 and Year 2 children to do this, we are asking parents and carers to kiss your children goodbye at the side gate and let them make their own way to the Key Stage 1 cloakrooms. We have a team of our Year 6 Prefects, who are waiting for the children every morning and helping them to hang up their coats and put the right things in the right place before going to be greeted by their teachers in their classrooms. There will always be a teacher on the gate, so please leave any messages with them. If you do need to see your child’s classteacher for more serious concerns, they will of course do their best to see you.