A Very Near Miss

It has been brought to my attention that we almost had a very serious accident on Wednesday morning at our Hill Street entrance when a child ran out between two parked vehicles and narrowly missed being knocked over by a car. Fortunately, the car was being driven slowly and carefully by one of our own staff and was decelerating as it was about to turn into our car park. Hill Street is a constricted and potentially dangerous street with very narrow pavements. If you do attempt to use our Hill Street entrance, please have the common sense to park up and make sure your child(ren) get into school safely. We are happy for parents of children attending our Good Morning and Good Afternoon Clubs to use the car park either before 8.30 am or after 5.00 pm. At other times the car park is strictly for our staff, so please do not use it even if you are running late.

Parents have recently complained again that pupils are still being dropped off at our Hill Street entrance. Some drivers just stop in the road and let the children jump out of the car. This is endangering the safety of our children and also causing additional problems as traffic backs up down the street. There are even some drivers who park illegally on the yellow zig zags outside our school! Our local community police will be around over the coming weeks and will be taking registrations.

If you do come to Greenfield by car, please park on Worcester Street or alternatively on the Greenfield Gardens side of our school and walk your children into school via the park entrance. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.