A Stunning Start to a Happy New Year

It has been good to see all our children and families again after the Christmas break. The children look rested and have all made an excellent start to the new term. It has been exciting to see the children launching into their new learning topics with such great enthusiasm. Year 1 and Year 2 started ‘Get your wellies on!’ with a Forest School party. To start ‘UK OK’ Year 3 and Year 4 came to school dressed as British icons, ranging from Vivienne Westwood and Sid Vicious to the Queen and her Beefeaters. Year 5’s ‘Invaders and Settlers’ theme started with an invasion day, when the children’s classes were taken over and occupied by enemy forces and the Year 5 pupils had to persuade the invaders to return the classrooms to the rightful owners! News on Reception and Year 6 will follow next week. Many thanks to our teachers for coming up with such innovative ideas to capture the children’s imaginations and kick start cross-curricular leaning for the new term.