A Stunning Start to a Happy New Year

It has been good to see all our children and families again after the Christmas break. The children look rested and have all made an excellent start to the new term. It has been exciting to see the children launching into their new learning topics with such great enthusiasm. Year 3 and Year 4 brought Treasure Chests to school, each one containing a number of items, which were special to each child. Year 5’s ‘Lost’ theme started with an Orienteering Challenge in Mary Stevens Park. Year 6 had to apply their problem solving skills to a Criminal Code Breaker. I am unable to say anything about Year 1 and Year 2’s topic launch, as it is currently filed under ‘Top Secret’. Many thanks to our teachers for coming up with such innovative ideas to capture the children’s imaginations and kick start cross-curricular leaning for the new term.