Open to Parents

Don’t forget to join us for our Open Sessions in Key Stage 2, when you will have the opportunity to work with your child. Our Spring Term Open Sessions focus on how we teach key skills in Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation. The National Curriculum demands that the children have a high level of technical knowledge and understanding. So if you don’t know your antonym from your ellipsis or have a persistent problem with your fronted adverbial, please come along at 9.10 on:

Wednesday 6 February   Year 4 children in Mars, Jupiter and Saturn

Thursday 7 February   Year 5 with Mrs Knapman and Miss Midgley

Friday 8 February   Year 6 with Miss Cook and Miss Tang

Our Open Sessions with a focus on Kinetic Letters for Early Years and Key Stage 1 will take place on Wednesday 6 March at 9.10.