Food Dudes

We were delighted to take part in Food Dudes last year and this year we are launching it to include our children in Reception. The Food Dudes Programme is the result of an extensive research initiative conducted by the Bangor Food and Activity Research Unit (BFARU), at the School of Psychology, Bangor University. The research began in 1992, when the BFARU embarked upon a series of studies designed to investigate children’s food preferences and establish a method of helping children learn to like eating fruit and vegetables. In early research, children between the ages of 2-7 years took part in studies conducted in homes, schools and nursery settings, in the course of which the distinctive Food Dudes approach was developed. It was found to be extremely effective at boosting children’s consumption of fruit and vegetables with long-lasting effects. Following these initial successes, the BFARU went on to develop a stand-alone package to enable primary schools themselves to implement the programme across the full age range of school pupils, from 4-11 years old.

The mission of Food Dudes at Greenfield continues to be to improve the health and well-being of our children. We shall be reminding all our children about the importance of healthy eating this term. I f you do provide your child with a break time snack, please ensure that it is a healthy one. Fruit, vegetables and healthy cereal bars are all highly recommended but please do not bring crisps, sweets or chocolate!