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Put a Name on it!

Please, please label all your children’s clothes or at least write their name somewhere on their clothes with an indelible marker.  We are surprised by the amount of lost property, which can not be easily returned to rightful owners and do understand the costs involved in providing school uniform for your children.


What’s on the menu?

Our Reception children have really enjoyed welcoming their Mums, Dads and grandparents into Greenfield this week to have a taste of our school dinners.  Beatrix Potter parents came for lasagne on Tuesday and Picasso parents came on Thursday for macaroni cheese and fish bites.  We were pleased to hear that our guests thought the food was of a high quality and that the portions were generous.  We shall extend the offer of dining with your children to other year bands.  Parents of children in Marie Curie, that’s Mr Holder’s Year 3 and Year 4 class, are invited to join us for our ‘roast dinner’ lunch on Wednesday 8 October.  We shall send out a letter with full details of the arrangements next week and do hope that as many parents as possible will grasp the opportunity to sample our school dinners.  Our uptake of the offer of universal free school meals for children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 is steadily increasing and about two thirds of our boys and girls are now having a free school dinner.  If your child hasn’t tried one yet, they can always give it a go.  Just ask them to choose a school dinner at morning registration with their classteacher.


Harvest at Greenfield

All our parents and families are warmly invited to join us for our Harvest Festival Assemblies at Greenfield on Thursday 9 October.  We shall celebrate our Key Stage 2 Harvest Festival at 9.15 am and our Early Years and Key Stage 1 Harvest Festival at 2.30 pm.  Information on Harvest Gifts will be provided in next week’s newsletter.  We welcome our children and families to nominate elderly relatives and neighbours, who would appreciate a Harvest Gift.


Park Life

Unfortunately Greenfield Gardens seems once again to have become a magnet for litter droppers, inconsiderate dog walkers and drug users over the last week.  We have contacted Dudley Council Plus this morning and have been told that a cleaning crew will be out to deal with the problem today.  Please remind your children to be careful, especially in the bushes, where used sharps have been found before.  If you have any concerns about the cleanliness of the park, do not hesitate to bring them to our attention and we shall get on the case immediately.  You may of course choose to contact Dudley Council Plus on 0300 5552345.


Mrs Jeannette Hill

It is with great sadness that I share the passing of Mrs Jeannette Hill, the much loved former Headmistress of Greenfield and a very significant person in the history of our school.  Mrs Hill was originally appointed to the headship of the old Hill Street School.  During her time in post, she oversaw the closure of the old school and the design, construction and opening of our very own Greenfield Primary School as our school’s first Headteacher.  She was kind enough to help us launch our Reading Champions in a special assembly three years ago, when she inspired us with her passion for literature and her own love of reading.  Mrs Jeannette Hill has always been described by those who knew her as ‘the most lovely and beautiful person’.  She will always be remembered as an elegant, gracious, genuine lady and a wonderful Headteacher.



Last Friday saw the whole of Key Stage 2 enjoying a wonderful day of outdoor adventure activities at the award winning Top Barn Activity Centre.  Located 6 miles north of Worcester, Top Barn Activity Centre is situated on a working farm in the beautiful Worcestershire countryside.  The aim of the day was to promote teambuilding, develop confidence, learn new skills and give all our children the chance to experience challenging, action-packed adventure activities with qualified instructors.

We were delighted to have warm and wind-free weather at this stunning location and our children certainly made the most of what was on offer.  I arrived just after lunch and the day was in full flow.  Our 163 children had been organised into 14 groups and were making their way around a carousel of activities.  Several groups were on the 10 acre lake.  Two groups were learning the basics of open canoeing and the importance of teamwork as they explored the lake.  Other groups had designed and built their own rafts out of barrels, ropes and logs and were aiming to successfully make it across the lake without the raft breaking up.  Another two groups were learning the delights of ‘wobbly boarding’ – that’s wind surfing without the sail and using hands as paddles with two or three children sitting and wobbling on the board.  It was just as well that all the children had brought a full change of clothes!

The land based activities included climbing, archery and rifle shooting.  The 7 metre purpose built artificial climbing wall tested our nimble climbers and provided a fantastic experience for anyone new to the sport. The climbing routes are designed to allow anybody to get to the top no matter their climbing level. The ancient art of archery was especially challenging and required patience and determination.  The rifle shooting required a steady hand and a keen eye, but some children had a real flair for it and managed 5 out of 5 bull’s eyes!

We have received some positive feedback but would really appreciate it if parents could let us know if you value these experiences for your children.  We believe outdoor adventure boosts self-confidence, gives a real sense of personal achievement and helps children to develop independence and resilience.  We shall be offering bellboating during the week before the half term break with the opportunity for parents to be involved too.   Bellboating is canoeing in a double hulled canoe on still or slow-moving water and does not involve getting wet.  Please let me know if you would like to have a go.

‘Wave Goodbye, Say Hello’

It has been great to see our new Reception children coming to ‘big’ school as a cohort of 40 this week. For the first time we carried out our home visits during the Summer Term. This has enabled the children to start at the same time as the rest of our school and I have been impressed this week with how well the children are already settling in. There is a ‘Wave Goodbye, Say Hello’ coffee morning on Monday 15 September at 9.00 am, which is aimed at welcoming all our new parents but also open to our more established Mums and Dads and families. You will also have the chance to find out all about life at Greenfield from our new Head Boy Toby Gorner, Head Girl Jessica Noble, Deputy Head Boy Ben Harper and Deputy Head Girl Bethan Rees. Please do your best to join us for a coffee after you have waved goodbye to your children and come and say hello to fellow parents.


Top Teambuilding

This morning all of our children in Key Stage 2 travelled to the award winning Top Barn Activity Centre for a day of outdoor adventure activities.  The aim of the day was to promote teambuilding, develop confidence and give all our children the chance to experience challenging adventure activities.  We are keen to introduce all our children to a broad and interesting range of sports and outdoor pursuits and will be offering bellboating again this term with the opportunity for parents to be involved too.  We shall provide a full report on our day of adventure in next week’s newsletter but if you would like to find out more about Top Barn please look at


Full House

We use our Houses at Greenfield to support and encourage excellent behaviour as well as developing the children’s responsibility and independence.  It is a successful system and is very popular with our children.  We have four houses, each with its own house colour; Stevens (blue), Lyttleton (yellow), Webb (red) and Foley (green).  Each House met last week to elect their new Captains and Vice Captains.  Year 6 pupils in each House may choose to stand for election and have to give an election speech outlining their vision and plans for the coming school year.  This year’s successful candidates are:


House Captains: Owen Rowlands & Molly Hall

Vice Captains: Connor Palmer & Lola Tait


House Captains: Joe Owen & Grace Sisley-Smith

Vice Captains: Jenson Ollerenshaw & Eloise Kent


House Captains: Ned Saunders & Isabel Norton

Vice Captains: Toby Holt & Niamh Timmins


House Captains: Ben Atherton & Lauren Stewart

Vice Captains: Reuben Allen & Joss Partridge


We would also like to congratulate our new Head Boy Toby Gorner, Head Girl Jessica Noble, Deputy Head Boy Ben Harper and Deputy Head Girl Bethan Rees.  Well done!  We look forward to seeing you make a big contribution to life and learning at Greenfield throughout your time in Year 6.


Welcome back to school

It has been great to see all our children and families again after the summer break.  The children have settled back into our work and routines with the minimum of fuss and I am pleased with such an excellent start to the new school year.  It has also been a pleasure to see our new teachers working with their new classes this week.  Mr Joshua Aldersley, Miss Nicola Tyler and Miss Becky Lewis excelled themselves throughout our rigorous selection process last term, worked with us during our transition weeks and have spent a lot of time in school during the holidays getting ready for the new term.  We are also very pleased to welcome our new site manager, Mr James Butler.  James started with us in mid August and is already putting his many talents to good use on our site.  We also extend a warm welcome to Mrs Helen Baynham, Mrs Joanne Jones and Miss Emily Grubb, three specialist Early Years practitioners, who have joined our Reception team

We have made considerable improvements to our site for each of the last six years but we are especially pleased that our playground has been resurfaced during the summer holidays. The poor state of our old playground with its slippery, gritty surface was the main cause of children’s accidents at Greenfield.  It is a delight to see the children running and even lying down on the smooth surface!  Our first aiders have already seen a decrease in the number of slips and graze injuries.  As one of our Year 5 girls explained to Miss Cook: ‘I’ve just fallen over but it didn’t hurt me like I thought it would’. The old play apparatus had come to the end of its life and has been removed; it will be replaced by a large new piece of apparatus, which will be installed between the boat and the wigwams this term.  If you do come into our building, I am sure you will be as impressed as we are with our beautiful new carpets throughout our corridors and offices.  Additionally we have replaced our wireless network, upgraded our operating systems and bought a suite of netbooks and iPads, which will increase our children’s computing opportunities and enhance learning in our classrooms.