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Sporting Winners

We are delighted to announce that we won the Stourbridge and Halesowen Sports Hall Athletics Championships held at Oldswinford Hospital yesterday. We competed against twelve other primary schools in 7 events: 1 lap sprint, hurdles, 4 lap distance, standing ball push, speed bounce, standing long jump and relay. Our Greenfield teams really excelled themselves in both individual and team events with courageous performances. We are very proud of their achievements and look forward to more success as we move on to other events later this year. Congratulations to all our boys and girls: Solomon, Isabelle, Tom, Edie, Charlie, Millie, Peter, Katie, Miles, Myah, Mohammad, Soraya, George, Lowenna, Myles, Erin, Theo, Kate, Ben, Hessa, Rufus, Edie, Kai and Charlotte.


Fizz Free

‘Fizz Free February’ is coming to Dudley for the first time. Will you be making the pledge to #gofizzfree? Could you and your family give up fizzy drinks for February? Taking part in Fizz Free February is a great way to reduce your sugar intake by cutting out fizzy drinks and it could also help you on your way to drinking fewer sugary drinks for the rest of the year.

Three great reasons to go Fizz Free:

  1. Save £438 a year if you stop drinking one bottle of soft drink, per day, for a year.
  2. Drinking just one 330ml can of fizzy drink a day could add up to over a stone weight gain per year.
  3. Tooth decay is the leading cause for hospitalisation among five to nine year olds in the UK.

Make your pledge by tweeting @dudleymbc or @LetsgethealthyD using #gofizzfree or sign up at


Being Informed

We would like to invite parents of children in Year 1, Year 2 and Year 6 to join us on Monday 28 January to find out all about the statutory assessments, which will take place for your child this year. Our teachers will go through the format of each statutory assessment, explaining what they look like to the children, the timeframe for delivery and how results will be reported to you. Pease do your best to attend.

5.00 pm Year 1 Phonics Screening Meeting

5.45 pm Year 2 SAT’s Meeting

6.30 pm Year 6 SAT’s Meeting


Open Learning

It has been wonderful to see so many parents joining us for our Open Sessions last term. We really do appreciate your involvement in your child’s education at Greenfield. Open Sessions require our teachers to ensure that activities demonstrate specific learning and teaching strategies by allowing opportunities for parental participation. We genuinely believe that the more that you as parents and carers can support and engage in your child’s learning and development, the more successful your child will be. The positive feedback on the Open Sessions certainly shows that they are a worthwhile initiative.

Make sure that you join us in Key Stage 2 at 9.10 am on:

Wednesday 6 February Year 4 children in Mars, Jupiter and Saturn

Thursday 7 February Year 5 with Mrs Knapman and Miss Midgley

Friday 8 February Year 6 with Miss Cook and Miss Tang

Our Open Sessions for Early Years and Key Stage 1 will take place on Wednesday 6 March at 9.10 am. These sessions will focus on Kinetic Letters, our new approach to handwriting, giving you the chance to find out how it works and see your child(ren) learning in their classes.


Fuelled for Learning

We’d like to remind you that fruit and milk are provided free every day to all children in Reception, while all children in Year 1 and Year 2 have a choice of free fruit. We run a Toast and Juice Bar daily for children in Key Stage 2, with toast at 15p and juice at 25p. All children are, of course, welcome to bring in their own small healthy snack such as mini breadsticks, low-sugar breakfast bars, rice-cakes, dried fruit, fruit bars, an oat biscuit, cheese strings, cheese cubes, washed fruit or vegetables, etc. Please do not provide chocolate bars or crisps and if you include grapes, make sure they are cut in half to avoid choking hazards. It’s great to see so many children with water bottles, which they can refill when they need to from one of our water coolers. We want all our children to be fully fuelled and hydrated for learning!


Working Party

Have you got any time to spare next Friday afternoon? If you have, please come along at 1.30 pm and help Mr Butler as he continues to clear the Fairy Garden. Tools and mugs will of course be provided!


Happy New Year!

It has been good to see all our children and families again after the long Christmas break. The children look rested and have made an excellent start to the new term. I have been especially impressed with this week’s Learning Launches, which have got our cross-curricular work off to a splendid start by igniting the children’s imaginations, engaging their enthusiasm and promoting their love of learning new ideas and knowledge.

Well done to all our Key Stage 1 children and staff, who came to school today as fairy tale characters to set the scene for ‘Once Upon a Time’. Year 3 and Year 4 have enjoyed Tray Bakes, Scavenger Hunts and a Quiz all on a Chocolate theme. Our pupils in Year 5 had the unforgettable experience of Escape Live Secret Service, while our Year 6 students took part in Operation Code Breaker. An icy surprise lies in store next week for our Reception children.



Have you heard of Prevent? Prevent is one of four strands of the government’s counter-terrorism strategy, known as Contest. It was created by the Labour government in 2003 and its remit was widened by the coalition government in 2011. The other strands are Prepare, Protect and Pursue. Prevent is designed to support people at risk of joining extremist groups and carrying out terrorist activities. In practice, it aims for police and other organisations, including schools, to build relations across the UK and requires faith leaders, teachers, doctors and others to refer any suspicions about people to a local Prevent body. An assessment is then made about whether further action is needed.

Since July 2015 all schools have a duty to safeguard children from radicalisation and extremism. This means we have a responsibility to protect children from extremist and violent views. Importantly, we can provide a safe place for pupils to discuss these issues so they better understand how to protect themselves.

Many of the things we already do in school to help children become positive, happy, proactive members of society also contribute to the Prevent strategy. These include:

* Exploring other cultures and religions and promoting diversity

* Challenging prejudices and racist comments

* Developing critical thinking skills and a strong, positive self-identity

* Promoting the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of pupils, as well as the British values of democracy, individual liberty and mutual respect, the rule of law and the tolerance of different faiths and beliefs

Our staff were privileged to have Prevent training on our INSET day with Mark Wilson, Dudley’s Prevent Officer. Delivered with his engaging humour, Mark’s presentation was both informative and shocking. It has really opened our eyes to what is actually happening in our own community and we feel that you need to know what’s going on too. We have invited Mark to run a session for parents and our broader school community on Monday 4 March at 6.00 pm. Please do your best to come along. This session will actually follow the meeting for parents of Year 3 and Year 4 children going on our Ilam Hall residential, which will start at 5.30 pm that evening.


Parents’ Evenings

Our Spring Parents’ Evenings will be on Monday 11 February from 6.00-8.00 pm and Tuesday 12 February from 4.00-6.00 pm. Arrangements to book your appointments online will follow but please keep these dates free. If you have any questions or would like to know more about your child’s education in our school, you don’t have to wait for a Parents’ Evening. Just come in and see your child’s class teacher or me. The door is always open.


Secret Service

Our Year 5 children became Secret Service spies for the day on Tuesday to launch their Spring Term text, Stormbreaker.  The Escape Live team commented: “We had such a fantastic time running the game for you, we were so impressed by how amazingly well they all did especially when they opened the safe with 12 minutes left to spare!”

Escape Live UK enlisted us to their Secret Service to help recover some stolen documents. First of all, we were split into teams of eight: Team Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Echo, Foxtrot, Golf and Hotel. The day was split into two parts. In the first part, we had to eliminate eleven suspects by breaking some codes until we had one suspect left. In the second part, all eight teams were working against each other, and the clock, to locate and open the safe containing the missing documents. To do this, we had to solve more puzzles. Team Echo were the first to do it and the missing documents were pictures of Queen Elizabeth on the toilet! We all laughed a lot.  It was an amazing experience and an exciting start to our topic.

Written by Soraya and Faatima