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Back to School

Our staff team will be returning to school on Monday 30 October for a training day and we look forward to seeing the children at 8.45 am on Tuesday 31 October for the start of the second half term.

School Dinner Dates

Our children all love having the pleasure of eating a school dinner alongside their Mums, Dads and grandparents. During this half-term, parents of children in Reception have turned up in good numbers. We look forward to welcoming Year 1 and Year 2 parents to see what’s on the menu in the second half term, while parents in Key Stage 2 will be invited in the New Year.

Wednesday 1 November Kangaroos Reception

Wednesday 8 November Madagascar Year 1 & Year 2

Wednesday 15 November Zanzibar Year 1 & Year 2

Wednesday 22 November Mauritius Year 1 & Year 2

At the moment, only two thirds of our boys and girls children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 are taking up the offer of Universal Free School Meals. You may be surprised to know that we actually generate income for our school when a child has a Universal Free School Meal. Please take advantage of the opportunity to raise some much needed money for our school every time your child has a free lunch! If your child hasn’t tried one yet, they can always give it a try. Just ask them to choose a school dinner at morning registration with their classteacher.


Time to Remember

We are supporting the Poppy Appeal at Greenfield as we do every year and our Year 6 children will be selling poppies in school throughout the two weeks after the half term break with a suggested contribution of 50p. This year we have also managed to get hold of the very popular ‘Kids’ Pack’, complete with 2017 poppy pins, wristbands, friendship bracelets and reflectors. The Poppy Appeal is one of the best known national charity campaigns and each year the nation shows its support for the Royal British Legion’s work by giving generously. We shall observe two minutes’ silence in school on Friday 10 November.


Brilliant Ideas

The first week back after our half term break will see all our Key Stage 2 children engrossed in their Design and Technology Projects. Parents, grandparents and volunteers are welcome to come in and support the children from 1.30 – 3.00 pm on the following days.

Thursday 2 November: Bali & Borneo (Year 6)

Friday 2 November: Cayman Islands, Martinique & Guadeloupe (Year 3 and Year 4) and Iceland & Greenland (Year 5)

It is always rewarding to see so many children and adults working so well together on their projects. Our commitment to involving parents really does provide an excellent opportunity for you to support your children in their own learning. We look forward to seeing you.


Smile for the Camera

Next Thursday is the day when our children have their individual school photographs taken, so please make sure that your children look splendid in sparkling winter uniforms. If you would like to have a family group photo, the photographers will be ready and waiting in our hall from 8.15 am. We experienced several difficulties with our regular photographers last year with a series of incomplete orders, the late delivery of photographs and a disappointing level of customer service. We have therefore chosen a new company and we do hope that they will provide us all of the high quality package, which they have promised. Please let us know what you think about the photographs and the ordering system. We hope that the photographs will not only do your children justice but also provide many fine and happy memories for you and your children in years to come.


Term Time Holiday

You should all be aware that new rules for unauthorised absence in term time came into effect from 1 September 2017. In Dudley, the Education Investigation Service will instigate statutory intervention on behalf of the Local Authority, when notified that a pupil has a relevant level of unauthorised absence. This can result in a Penalty Notice being issued to a child’s parents or carers. A Penalty Notice might be issued, when unauthorised absence results in a child having less than 90% attendance or when a child has 10 sessions or more of unauthorised absence. A session is a morning or an afternoon, so 10 sessions is the equivalent of having five days off school. This means that if you do take a full week’s holiday from Monday to Friday inclusive in term-time, you will face a fine.

A Penalty Notice will be issued to each parent. Section 576 of the Education Act 1996 defines a parent as:

  • All natural parents, whether married or not
  • Any person, who, although they are not a natural parent, has parental responsibility (as defined in the Children Act 1989) for a child or young person
  • Any person, who, although not a natural parent, has care of a child or young person – having care of a child or young person means a person with whom the child lives and who looks after the child

A Penalty Notice is £60, if paid within 21 days of receipt, rising to £120, if paid after 21 days but within 28 days of receipt.


Parents’ Evenings

Many thanks to all our parents for your excellent feedback on our Autumn Term Parents’ Evenings. Please remember that if you have any questions or would like to know more about your child’s education in our school, you don’t have to wait for Parents’ Evening. Just come in and see your child’s class teacher or myself. The door is always open.


Are You Ready For Reading?

We are really having a big push on reading this term and we need your support at home to ensure that all our children become both book lovers and avid, independent readers. We are very keen to ensure that all children have the chance to enjoy the wonderful wealth of children’s literature in school but all children need the help and support of parents to help them develop their interest in books and a life-long love of reading. A report based on research from the National Literacy Trust suggests that young people who read outside class are 13 times more likely to read above the expected level for their age! This is an impressive statistic. Parents who read with their children and also make sure their children read independently help their children to do really well not only in English but in other subjects.

Make sure you come and have a look at our Parents’ Evening Book Fair, if you haven’t done so already. It’s a celebration of reading that puts the very best books directly into our pupils’ hands. The mobile bookcases are packed with over 200 of the newest and best books from over sixty publishers. This year we have run a Book Fair poster competition. The quality of the entries has been excellent and we shall be announcing the winner in our Whole School Assembly on Monday morning.


Harvest Thanks

Many thanks to all of our parents, families and friends for joining us for our Harvest Festival celebrations in school today. Both celebration assemblies were really well-attended and we are grateful to Dave Morris from Hope Church, Hanbury Hill, for leading them. Many thanks to all our families for your generous Harvest Gifts, including the ‘Morning Coffee’ boxes, which will be collected by Black Country Food Bank on Monday morning. Black Country Food Bank helps vulnerable individuals and families in crisis through the provision of emergency food supplies for a period of three days, while a longer-term solution is developed. Their services have an enormous impact on the people who use them, giving them an important breathing space at a time of great need. The Food Bank only provides for individuals and families, who really are in need. Their aim is not to create dependency but to help those in crisis while other agencies work to address underlying problems. Last year, with your help, Black Country Food Bank provided 67,000 meals to children!

We are grateful to Hope Church for accommodating all our children fro Year 1 to Year 6 for a Harvest Experience every afternoon this week. In the words of Amelia in Year 5: ‘It was brilliant. I enjoyed all the activities and the Harvest bread was beautiful.’ Many thanks to Mrs Delia Knapman for organising these events.


Meet the Teachers

Our second Parents’ Evening is on Monday 9 October and takes place in your child’s classroom. You will receive a written Initial Report, which you will discuss with your child’s classteacher. Don’t forget that we shall be running our Autumn Book Fair in our foyer. We receive a generous commission on all books sold, so please don’t hesitate to reward great effort and progress with a good read! Please remember that you don’t have to wait for Parents’ Evenings, if you want to find out how your child is doing in school. Do not hesitate to come in and see us. The door is always open and we are always happy to see you.